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27 - Jun - 2014

Counselling and therapy for individuals and couples Counselling in London, , Workplace Mediation in London, Conflict Resolution in London, Couples Counselling in London, Psychosexual Therapy in London, Relationship Counselling in London, Individual Counse


Employee Assistance Programs in North West London

Employee Assisted Program

Employee Assisted Program (EAP)

I have over 20 years experience of Human Resources Management and Counselling to assist your company in supporting employees in difficulty and supporting managers in becoming better people managers.

Confidential individual face to face assistance and support service designed to help employees to cope with personal / or work related problems that adversely affect their lives, behaviour, and/or performance. It is usually helpful in situations such as poor working relationships, family disintegration, personal relationship problems, low self esteem and inappropriate use of the internet at work.

The purpose of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to improve the psychological health of your employees. It will help your staff develop coping skills and accept a greater degree of personal responsibility. It will help them understand and cope more effectively with their individual, relationship, family and job performance problems. As a result, their productivity and attendance will improve.

Counselling focuses on helping the employee deal effectively with change and stress in their personal, career and family lives.

Quick Response: The first counselling session occurs within a few days, and a crisis is dealt with immediately

I use integrative approach to counselling, dependant on the needs of each client to assist their understanding and therefore to support the changes in behaviour required to bring balance back into their lives.

For example solution focussed therapy

Solution focussed therapy i.e. helping those with faulty thought processing and reasoning which are self-defeating and affect mood, behaviour and physiology in characteristic ways. What tends to happen as the negative thinking patterns intensify, the associated mood, behaviours and physical symptoms are further entrenched,. Solution focused therapy utilises structured and specific goal-directed therapeutic techniques and strategies to help people alter maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaviour. The focus of the therapy is on negotiating clear and practical strategies for challenging and changing negative thinking patterns and self-defeating behaviours. Goals should reflect structured and measurable change, often achieved through clearly negotiated homework tasks utilising thought and mood diaries and activity schedules, the purpose of which is to actively engage the individual, and increasingly promote autonomy, responsibility and control.

Your managers, supervisors and human resource staff will be able to focus on work performance. They will no longer feel the need to struggle with the personal problems of their staff. I am also able to offer coaching to managers and supervisors to effectively manage their staff.

Contact me

For more information on my range of professional i.e EAP and Workplace Mediation and couples counselling please ring me on 07871 194045. Alternatively, please email your enquiry to me by using the form on the Contact Me page of this website. I am looking forward to working with you to alleviate your issues.

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