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27 - Jun - 2014

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Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction therapy in North West London

What is Sex Addiction?

Sexual addiction is a term often given to describe a pattern of problematic sexual behaviours Sexual addiction is not about the different types of sexual behaviours or how often people have or want to have sex - but about how the you feel about the behaviour and the harmful consequences are experienced in your life as a result of those behaviours, with regards to your self esteem, relationship with others and problems at work.

Internet Pornography for some people has become a big problem: this is where you have little control over your use of Internet pornography. You might plan go on the internet for a short period of time but then find yourself on a pornography website; before you know it hours have passed.

Some may also use telephone services for sexual gratification. Some may go on to use sex workers or meet people online for cybersex or arrange one-night stands, or start serial affairs. Often people get concerned because they realise how compulsive their behaviour is and recognise the potential danger they put themselves in.

You may feel preoccupied with sexual thoughts and feel as if you are out of control.

You may find that you cannot stop the sexual addiction /compulsive behaviour or if you can stop, it is only for short periods.

The sexual addiction behaviour brings with it real or potential harmful consequences for you.

Very often the sexual addiction acting out is used to anaesthetise shame, low self esteem, try to cope with loneliness, anger, stress, tiredness and anxiety.

Sexual addiction is a way of coping for some people. They learnt at different stages of their life from childhood, adolescence or later, to use watching porn, compulsive masturbation, sexual fantasy and other sexual behaviour to manage the problems and unhappiness in their life.

For some people, the sexual addiction behaviours can bring with them painful, harmful consequences for them as a person, their self esteem and can impact on them socially, at work and at home with their family. Many people use an addiction to try to make themselves feel better whether is it drugs, alcohol, gambling etc., it is used to manage life - the sex addict does the same; he or she has learned to use sex like a drug.

How I can help you?

I offer a number of treatment programs, one to one therapy or the Hall recovery course: A proven psycho-educational program for the treatment of Sex & Pornography addiction for groups. We explore your concerns about your sexual addiction, understanding where it began for you and whether it was due to some traumatic experiences, difficulties in making and maintaining relationships with others or opportunity that became a habit. The program will help you to find other ways of making yourself feel better about yourself without harmful consequences and finding the road back to healthy sexuality.

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